Who am I?

Me, myself & I
fotograaf Sulev Lange

“Hei! My story is simple: one day I bought a camera and became a photographer (want to become one too – I’ll teach!) 

It’s been quite fun so far. For the whole first year I only photographed nature – forests, bogs, animals, birds and everything in between. But then I realized that humans are also part of nature. 

Now I photograph all kinds of different things, but mostly concentrate on people. Capturing extraordinary moments & emotions has become my favorite activity. And sometimes, when I can’t seems to find these moments I help create them 🙂

I reside in Tallinn and sometimes in Tartu, but traveling across Estonia is no problem for me. Tell me about your awesome plans & I’ll be one my way!”

photographer Sulev Lange

"The mayor key to your best future is you."

Jim Rohn
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